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Retractable back shaver

Retractable back shaver

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Material: Blade: Stainless steel
Handle: aluminum alloy
Knife head: plastic
Steps for usage:
1. Mount the cutter head on the handle
2. Adjust the handle length as needed:
3. Gently close the bottom of the cutter head to the back, slowly pull the cutter head down and start shaving the back hair (do not press the cutter head too hard to avoid scratching the skin)
4. After use, use clean water or towel to clean the cutter head and dry the water stain on the cutter head.

Product size: 125*290*45mm

1. The blade has a high degree of sharpness and must be used with care. Do not touch your finger directly with the blade. Do not press the blade too hard when using it to avoid scratching the skin.
2. After using the product, please dry the water stain on the cutter head and store it in a dry environment.
3, please do not give the product to children to play
4, long use time, if you find that the sharpness of the cutter head is not enough, it is recommended that you buy a replacement cutter head

packing list:
1, the cutter head 1
2, handle 1  
3, manual 1

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