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Colorful LED jellyfish night light

Colorful LED jellyfish night light

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This product is not equipped with a USB cable
Product size: 7.5 * 7.5 * 23cm

Color box size: 8.5X8.0X26.5CM

Power supply: three AAA batteries or USB cable (purchased by yourself)

The product imitates the design of the volcanic eruption effect. It has LED lights and small balls in the water tank.

 2. Instructions

1. Take out the product and pull open the cover of the water tank, add water to the water tank and fill up without overflowing.

2. Put red volcanic beads on the top of the product and at the cover of the water tank

3. Remove the battery cover and insert 3 AA batteries

4. Press the "Power Switch" ON / OFF button on the back of the product to turn the power on / off

 5. Press the "Product Switch" on the front of the product again, the light is on, and the volcanic beads come out repeatedly

 6. The product can use a transformer (transformer with output DC4.5V, 500mA, the transformer is not distributed, need to be purchased by yourself)

3. Product packaging

1. Product color box packaging,


4. Cleaning and maintenance:


1. When not in use for a long time:


① Please cut off the power supply: remove the battery or unplug the external power plug.


② Wipe dry, dry and put in the original box.


2. Cleaning: Before cleaning, be sure to cut off the power. When cleaning, just wipe the soft cloth. The entire product cannot be washed in water!


3. Please do not disassemble the components of the machine without authorization.

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